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Quality Assurance Policy

MVC Eagle Beach Aruba Resort has been managed by the Van Schaijk family since the hotel was built in December 1989.

Management of this successful, popular and unique Dutch resort has passed down from father to son. Thanks to this, is one of the reasons you feel the family-oriented home feeling the moment you arrive. 

Our guests can be assured to expect the highest quality. We have an enthusiastic team that has quality assurance as one of the core values. We are committed to continuous improvement and have established quality assurance procedures that provide a way for us to measure and improve our performance. 

The following system and procedure are in place to support this aim:

  • Regular gathering and monitoring of guest feedback
  • Complaint Handling procedure
  • Training and development for all our employees
  • Monitoring and measurable quality objectives and taking action to improve where identified

Our internal procedures are reviewed regularly, and our quality objectives are communicated to all our employees through team meetings.

Complaints Handling Process

At MVC Eagle Beach Aruba Resort, all complaints, comments, and feedback are valuable and important to us. The only way we can improve and truly be the best Resort is by receiving our client’s and staff’s feedback.

Complaints about MVC Eagle Beach Aruba Resort can be made in writing online, social media, to the Managing Director at management@mvceaglebeach.aw or can be also done verbally.

It is the policy of MVC Eagle Beach Aruba Resort to address all complaints, in a professional and timely manner, to ensure that a satisfactory outcome is achieved for all parties concerned. Any opportunities for improving MVC Eagle Beach Aruba Resort’s services are adopted where practical and feasible to our commitment to continuous improvement. Our goal is to handle all complaints while on the island (during guests’ stay at the resort), to ensure a satisfactory outcome.  

To address all complaints in a timely manner, we have a dedicated team that monitors all guests’ online feedback. We also want to maintain a relationship with our customers after their departure, therefore all comments, positive and negative are receiving a management response. 

In addition to our online surveys and reviews we also keep track of our hard copy comment cards, all comments are entered on a spreadsheet per the corresponding department. In the event of negative feedback, this will be addressed to the department head to be corrected. Our comment cards are also sent every month to Consumer Scan Canada for a monthly and yearly analysis of our services. 


  • Receipt of the complaint will be acknowledged in writing or verbally.
  • All complaints will be reviewed to ensure that we fully understand the concerns.
  • We will investigate areas of concern and keep the guest/client up to date with progress.
  • On completion of the investigation, we will provide the guest/client with a full response in writing or will be contacted by management verbally.


  • In guest’s reservations profile 
  • Maintenance log sheet (if applicable)
  • Maintenance work order in opera (if applicable)
  • In front desk logbook

When guest/client is dissatisfied with MVC Eagle Beach Aruba Resort’s response to a complaint, guest/client can write a letter of contact us with full details and relevant supporting information should also be supplied. We will acknowledge acceptance of this and contact the guest/client to address the issue. This contact may lead to a satisfactory resolution.

If we are unable to resolve the issue we will consult an independent panel. A meeting will be held where evidence from all parties will be heard in confidence, and the independent panel will make a final decision which shall be communicated to the guest/client and MVC Eagle Beach Aruba Resort. The decision of the panel will be final and binding to both the guest/client and MVC Eagle Beach Aruba Resort.

Policy Declaration of Commitment to Human Trafficking & Protection of Minors 2019

MVC Eagle Beach Aruba Resort is aware of the fact that the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of minors throughout the world is a problem that affects the Tourism Industry. We express our intention to abide by the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Boys, Girls, and Teenagers regarding Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism, we will commit to the following: 

  1. To train staff in recognizing Human trafficking and exploitation of minors.
  2. To provide information to guests and any third parties by means of informative material and via our website.
  3. To provide information to the “Landelijk coordinator Mensenhandel en Zeden Politie”. 
  4. If any suspicious activity is being observed on the premises.
  5. To commit to the implementation of these points.

The company hereby agrees to the implementation of actions and good practices intended to eradicate the problem, incorporating the following promises into its Social Responsibility policies:

  • To promote Human Rights and Children’s Rights.
  • To reject, eradicate and condemn any form of exploitation of human beings, especially of a sexual nature, particularly when this affects minors.
  • To adopt preventive measures to prevent the development or circulation of tourist programs that promote or encourage any sexual involvement with minors.


Alfred Kaufmann, General Manager 
8th January 2019