Health and Safety Updates

Your Safety is Important To Us

With our Worry-Free Cancellation Guarantee, you as a guest can cancel your existing reservation up to 24-hours prior to your arrival date (except for holidays). For new reservations, we will honor cancellations up to 72 hours in advance. For more information, feel free to connect with our in-house Reservations office at 297-587-0110 or at  

As of January 26, 2021, in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Government of the United States of America, it requires that returning travelers present a negative COVID-19 test result upon entering the United States of America.

Aruba has a modern infrastructure, state-of-the-art hospital, and well-equipped medical facilities. Three (3) certified laboratories in Aruba will offer the PCR testing service to outbound travelers. The facilities have ample test kits available and testing is priced between $75 and $126. Visitors will find appointments easy to book and the turnaround time for test results is within 24 hours. Between the facilities, visitors will have the option to make an appointment, walk-in, or have the test done at their place of stay. If you test at Medcare and mention that you are staying at the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort, you will be added to a priority list. 
Please visit the dedicated landing page on for a list of COVID-19 testing facilities in Aruba and other detailed information. 

From all of us at MVC Eagle Beach Aruba Resort, stay safe, and see you soon!